A peaceful freedive in Eel Garden

We are in love with these beautiful pictures sent to us by our Friend Ruth Osborn. She gives us a little sneak into her wonderful freedive experience in Eel Garden, Dahab. 



 “Freediving for me is Peace. It‘s a total disconnect from the external world and a pure connection with the internal one, with relaxation, feeling and sensation.“



Water is essential for all our lives, indeed for every organism on Earth. It is surrounding us, it is present in our everday lifes and it‘s running through our veins. We depend on (clean) water. Looking at these stunning pictures and the beautiful fresh and clean water is a reminder for us to keep this beautiful world under water as magical as it is for our children and grand children.



Although we do not live in the ocean ourselves but with it, we are dealing with problems that concern the ocean and its inhabitants. It is not only about plastic pollution - it is about over fishing, coral bleaching, species extinction and so many more challenges. So many parts of once untouched paradises have already died.  

Everyone of us can start with small steps - we need people to think beyond their habits. Wether you decide to reduce your plastic waste, stop eating fish or replace your cosmetic and sanitary articles - you are taking part in an important step towards change. There are so many ways to stand up for our ocean, you just have to look for things that are possible for you to change. 



Eel Garden is named after the countless garden eels that cover the sea floor not far from the entry point of the dive in Dahab. As you can see in the photograph below they appear like little synchronized swimmers, who easily vanish back into the sand.

Besides the Eels you can also find the really rare sea grass ghost pipe-fish there, that literally looks like sea grass. These little creatures are nearly always hanging upside down and are only as big as your little finger. 

We have it in our hands to protect the diversity of all kinds of creatures down there. Of course we save ourselves by saving the ocean but we think that the animals and what we can learn from them are reasons enough for a change.




“There‘s a difference to be on breath hold under the water than to be on the scuba, it is more natural, like one belongs, and marine life is more open and curious.“





„The moments of deep peace and calm under water stay with me.“


Stay tuned for the MYMARINI freedive & meditation Retreat 2021 lead by Ruth Osborn, a highly experienced and well certified freedive and yoga teacher! She turned her love of the water into her work and has earned an excellent reputation as teacher and trainer. Her website will be launched soon, meanwhile you can follow her Instagram for more information linked down below.

Model and quotes Ruth Osborn, wearing our OUTFIT ONEPIECE in „black-navy“ and fins from Molchanovs Freediving

Photos by Nacho Pelaez Mella: Nacho Peláez was born and raised in Spain, his skill and passion on photography has lead him throughout the world, documenting the beauty everywhere he goes through the lense, merging the two worlds he loves the most, photography and underwater life. Visit his website to learn more about him and his work.