Summer is officially coming!


We sit in our Home Office and indulge ourselves in beautiful memories of last summer. This year we enjoy the sunshine on a lonely walk, on our balcony or in the garden. The Days are getting longer and brighter and we are craving for the sea and the waves.

We wonder what this year’s summer will bring to us, but while it is getting closer and closer we also think about global warming and the climate crisis. The last years it always felt like it was the hottest summer ever- over and over again. Forest fires, floods and extreme dryness are only some of the things that makes our stomachs hurt. Last Summer in Germany we had for the really first time ever three days in a row that were over 40°C hot.
The Ocean is warming constantly, the sea level is rising, the glaciers are melting and the list goes on and on. On top of that everything is happening so fast that nature (or humans) does not have a single chance to adapt to it. Nature is suffering and we have to avert the crisis in any way we can. It will affect us even harder the longer we wait.

But as we all know, small steps matter. Switching to fair fashion and sustainable options in our all-day business is essential to take the first steps against climate crisis. Make sure to consume in a more sustainable and slow way, without getting crazy about perfectionism.

Text by Vera Hübner our Store Assistant