MINIS in Action!

Swimwear to support your girl while jumping, playing, splashing and swimming.
We hope your MINI will have as much fun with these styles for the little ones as we have!

All styles are exactly made as the grown up MYMARINIs:
reversible for two colorful designs
UPF 50+ to protect your girl from the sun
fair and ethical produced
without any toxins 
long lasting and super comfortable material

Freely mix and match all Styles for endless options!
Available for girls of the ages 3 to 8.


2. Kleine Prints, Fotobuch, from 29€ at Kleine Prints

3. Oli&Carol, Badespielzeug "Origami-Boot Pink", 15,95€ at

4. Olli Ella, Puppenhauskorb "Casa Clutch Straw", 49€ at

5. MYMARINI, MINI Collection, from 40€ at MYMARINI