Water is a precious ressource

Can you imagine turning on your water tap and nothing happens?

A big part of our world is water, and we need it just as much as we need air to breathe. For most people it is a natural given thing to have access to water any time. If you are thirsty, you get some water. If you don't drink mineral water, you simply go to the tap and get a glass of tap water.

In Germany the private water use sank from 144 liters per day per person to 123 liters per day over the last 30 years. This doesn‘t mean though that there is no need for change. There already were local bottlenecks in 2018 and 2019 and in the last days we again have threatening water scarcity in different municipalities in Lower Saxony and Rhineland Palatinate - in August 2020.

Temporary there were tunk truks operational and it was appealed to save water and reduce the personal use to a minimum.



According to the German Federal Environment Foundation there should be a general rethinking when it comes to water use management, and we totally agree with that.

Rethinking our very own use is what we can start right now with just as what we can do to support a sustainable water remanufacturing and less water pollution.

The ocean is warming constantly, the glaciers are melting and the sea level is rising - now 2020, we are facing a pandemic. The best thing, if we were able to, was to stay home, and luckily a lot of us did. Some of us may have a much higher consumption of water during quarantine, according to the mayor of Gütersloh, true or not it does come together with increasing dryness and other symptoms of global warming to a threatening water scarcity in Gütersloh and some other municipalities. 

The trigger are many different aspects besides Climate Change like over fertilization of fields and a missing circular economy. But we heard about all the different facets over and over again, so what do we need to hear or experience for learning? 

We came to a point where it’s happening in front of our door - how far will we let it go?

So what we have to face is that climate change will not wait until we overcome a pandemic, as far as it’s possible. We have to take care of our consumer behavior and what we are leaving behind.

So let's be conscious and thankful for every glass of water we have.