How to care best for your clothes

What can we do to consume fashion in a sustainable way? One aspect is what we buy - another one how often we buy, and again another aspect is knowing how to care for textiles. By treating them correctly you keep them looking nice for many years while still feeling great. These three aspects are what makes a textile sustainable in the long run.

Textiles are very different depending on the used material and the way they are produced. But they all have one thing in common when it comes to long-lastingness: the better you know how to care for them - and sometime the less you wash them - the longer they will look good!



So here is a little inspiration on how to keep your clothes nice and wash in a sustainable way:

  1. Only turn on the washing mashine if it is a complete batch, a half-full washing machine does need more water, more laundry detergent and you have to wash again a lot sooner.

  2. Choose an environmental friendly laundry detergent and skip the usual toxic and questionable made fabric softener. Washing powder is not that good for most fabrics because of its' rough little particles. The perfect fit would be a fluent, non-toxic and cruelty-free laundry detergent. We promise it‘s not that hard to find as it sounds to be. 

  3. Don‘t wash too hot! Your clothes and towels will stay a lot nicer by washing them on lower temperatures. Also your washing machine needs the double of energy if you wash on 60° degrees instead of 40° degrees.

  4. Skip washing jeans and wool sweaters, just let them hang loose with some fresh air and that‘s it, no water waste, no chemicals, no energy used and so much time saved. You can also put denim and some of your other clothes in the freezer over night to kill bacteria and bad smell. Just remember: every time you skip washing you do something good - sounds nice, right? 

  5. Keep Zippers and Buttons closed and turned on left side before putting them into the washing mashine because they will rub against the fabrics and make them wear out a lot faster.

  6. Stay aware of the materials you wash, synthetic ones need to be washed in a guppy friend because it pollutes the water with micro plastic every time they get washed. 


Instructions on how to best care for your MYMARINI you can find on our "pure all the way" sheet we send with every order or just click here.


We hope you became inspired to keep it sustainable and therefore - slow.