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We love Yoga

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Have you already fallen in love with Yoga?
We at MYMARINI are very much aware of the positive effects it has on our body, mind and soul.

Especially in our modern world, which is often times busy and driven by the thought of improvement and rationalization, we think it is super important to take time to connect with your body. Yoga is a holistic approach to health and one of the reasons we value it so much is that having a good connection with your body enables you to listen to your intuition. A human "superpower" which is underestimated often times these days.

We all know that Yoga studios have limited space due to the pandemic at the moment and sometimes being at home is simply the more cozy choice.
This is why we teamed up with our friends from YogaEasy to bring Yoga to your home!

And we are super happy that our friends from YogaEasy have given us a special code for you to practice for free for a month!

With our beautiful YOGA STYLES you are ready to jump on your mat and practice with your favorite teachers. Whether you like yin yoga, power yoga or have always wanted to do a guided meditation, you sure will find the right video for you.



YogaEasy is an online yogastudio where you can practice yoga any time any where. You will find more than 1.000 videos with professional yoga teachers. Discover your favorite videos and join programs like "Feel Good Body" or "Yoga Morning" or start with Meditation and learn more about Aryuveda.

Simply click HERE and you are ready to go!