Making of summer 2022

Fall has slowly started, summer is coming to an end and so does our summer season '22. With the sale, we have made new space in our warehouse for new styles and colors to come. And let us tell you, they are coming soon and will be already launched in January 2023.

But for now, it is time to recap season '22 and go back to where it all started: summer and autumn 2021.

After designing and producing the new MYMARINIs, the first samples go on a little journey to be photographed at places that we love most.

Just like the years before MYMARINI founder Mareen, her husband and CEO Willi, as well as impact managerin and photographer Christin, traveled to Portugal to create the beautiful pictures that you see throughout the year. In addition to this in-house production team, we also produced pictures with Elena Breuer, Karo Krassel, Mathieu Hemon, Katharina Kiék as external photo production teams. All these different teams visiualize our world of summer and we can not thank everyone more!

In this blogpost, we are showing you some "Behind the Scenes Pictures" of our photoshooting in Portugal. All models on the pictures are friends of Mareen, Willi and Christin and are truly passionate surfers. With all these amazing people, the photoshooting was still connected to work, however also turned into quality time with friends.

We hope you enjoy taking a look behind the scenes and feel the summer inside you when seeing all the little moments that happen during our photoshoots.

Stay tuned for season '23!