7.500€ for Visions for Children

When the situation in afghanistan worsened in august and the taliban took over the government, we were shocked. Especially by what it meant for children & women in the country.

We decided to support Visions for Children e.V. - a non-profit organization from Hamburg, which aims and improves learning conditions and educational standards at schools in war and crisis zones.

For two weeks 100% all of our revenue coming from all ORGANIC COTTON white styles was donated to Visions for Children e.V.

In order to make the donation campaign accessible for more people, we gave 50% off all styles.

With your support we were able to collect 7.277,31€ for the organization. We decided to round up the amount to 7.500€.

Thank you all for your support!

If you didn't participate in our donation campaign but still want to help, you can continue to donate to Visions for Children e.V. - they are close before reaching their fundraising goal.

Warm waves,
the MYMARINI-team