Corona is not over yet

More than half of 2020 has already passed by, but we have to remember that Covid-19 is not even close to an end. Especially not for people with less privilege, who are mostly effected more.

It is on us to keep up the solidarity we talked so much about at the beginning of the pandemic and remind us to still look around and help out where it is needed and we are able to. 

To be honest: Of course it is not an easy time and everyone has their own struggles dealing with different aspects of Corona. Let‘s take all of it serious and be aware of people that are much more struggling in their individual life situations because of different circumstances.

We decided to donate more of our face masks and water to local organisations. We again donated 700 masks to fördern und wohnen and decided to donate 1.000 of the face masks to Hinz&Kunzt spontaneously together with 10 boxes of sparkling water, due to the current heat wave in Germany.

Hinz&Kunzt is a nonprofit company, that has the highest circulation of street magazine in Germany. Their goal is to shrink the gap betweeen poor and rich and melt down prejudices through communication. Hinz&Kunzt gives jobs to people who have trouble finding a job due to the fact that most of them do not have a permanent home. More than 500 individuals are selling Hinz&Kunzt magazines full of socio-political and cultural content. We are happy that our face masks go directly to the sellers of Hinz&Kunzt - most of them are part of risk groups and were not able to sell editions for more than two months. 

We also donated 350 face masks and 30 boxes of water to GoBanyo.

GoBanyo, aka. the shower-bus for people without a permanent home, is a registered nonprofit private limited company. They take showers on wheels, literally, to different spots in Hamburg. Driven by their aspiration that every human being should have the right and the opportunity to wash themselves, GoBanyo makes this possible in Hamburg. The bathrooms are free to use and everyone gets clean laundry afterwards. 

It‘s an honor for us to be able to work together with such great organizations and support them! Thank you for your important work.

In order to raise awareness that it is a privilege to have access to water every day, we also placed a few boxes of water in front of our store and wrote a little sign next to them. Everyone who did walk past the store could take a bottle of water for themselves and one for someone else. 

Wasseraktion MYMAARINI

Most of us cannot even imagine a world without access to fresh water on a daily basis. This precious ressource is taken for granted for many people and we believe that it is important to talk about access to water and everything that comes with it.