Anouk Corolleur

Hello Anouk, please introduce yourself to the MYMARINI Community:

I’m a water woman and a yogi, and I live in a small fisherman village in the Bask Country.

How did you get to know MYMARINI?

My friend and photographer Matt Hemon contacted me to see If I’d like to do some modelling for this cool German swimsuit brand. To be honest, at the start I was a bit skeptical because I have very high standards when it comes to clothing.
For me, style can’t compromise ethics, nor comfort. When I discovered MYMARINI, I was so happy to finally find a brand that rallies all of that ! MYMARINI provides outstanding quality swimwear + incredible ethic + epic style. I have become a huge fan.

What do surfing and the ocean mean to you?

Surfing means I’m letting all my "so-called" problems at the shore and for a moment, I am free. Nothing else matters then being at one with nature’s gifts : the waves, the sun, the water. The Ocean is definitely a source of joy for me. I know she can also be incredible tough. Next year, I have planned to cross the Atlantic on a sail boat, I hope the currents and the winds will be good with us.

What is your favorite MYMARINI style?

I wore the HIGHWAIST SHORTS and the GRACETOP all of last summer. I can surf, dive and even yoga with them. It’s just perfect!